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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 2 days
Maximum number of people: 18
Location: Chiang Mai
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Riding an elephant and exploring an unfamiliar place—if both of these are in your bucket list, then BeMyGuest has you covered. Prepare your comfortable pair of shoes and pack your travel bag, your friendly guide is waiting for you in Chiang Mai! Tung La Korn is the first place to visit once you’re in Thailand. The elephant ride through the jungle is a good way to really get a grip as to how to locals prefer to live in the country. It also is a fu activity to try if you’re a novice in travelling. Imagine, you are going to be controlling an elephant as you cross a river! How cool is that? You will also be driven to the rafting camp where you can experience bamboo rafting along the Mae Tang River. You have one hour to be a really good bamboo rafter. Remember to have fun and enjoy the ride! A visit to the famous Chiang Dao Cave will also be arranged for you. Don’t worry; you will be assisted by a friendly guide so the steps through the cave won’t be so bad. You will also be travelling to a hot spring where you can relax and unwind after a long day. What a great way to end the day! Visiting Myanmar is also a possibility; just keep in mind that you have to pay a fee to cross the border. Be back in time for the drive to the fish and monkey cave! You wouldn't want to miss that for the world! Chiang Saen, an ancient city in Vietnam, will also be a stop of this tour. There are many temples here which you can also visit. One of which is Wat Rong Koon, dubbed as the most beautiful in the area.
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Tour’s Program

Accommodation: Standard - Hotel CC - Hotel pick-up - Driveto Chiang Mai - Arrival at Tung La Korn Village - Enjoy elephant ride through the jungle - Drive to the rafting camp - Participate in bamboo rafting activity - Drive to Chiang Dao district - Visit Chiang Dao Cave - Eat lunch - Drive to Fang District - Visit the hot spring - Relax or enjoy amenities - Check-in at the hotel - Have dinner at the hotel - Overnight at the hotel
Accommodation: Standard - N/A - Eat breakfast at the hotel - Visit the Long-neck Hill Tribe Village - Walk around the village - Drive to Mae Sai at Thai-Myanmar border. - Optional activity is to cross the border at own expense to go shopping - Visit fish and monkey cave - Visit the Golden triangle where Thai - Laos - Myanmar meet - Lunch - Enjoy boat trip to Laos side without visa at own expense - Drive to visit Chiang Saen - Visit Wat Rong Koon - Return to Chiang Mai

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